First Batch Of Free Fan Bracelets Shipped!

We know how tough it is to lose weight. As a thank you for your support, we want to support your wellness journey by giving you a free “Move More Eat Less” Weigh Less Fan Bracelet. The first batch of bracelets were shipped to our listeners this week! We sent bracelets to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolinas, Tennessee, California and Texas!

The outpour of support from you all has been unbelievable. Just know that myself and Randy will be there for you, doing everything we can to help you with your weight loss journey! You can do this!!

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  1. Marah Rose says:

    Hello! I just began listening to your podcast! I was wondering if my son and I could purchase one of your bracelets? We are both working together on a health journey while enjoying your podcast! Thank you (:

    1. No need to purchase it, we will send it out for free! Fill out this info and we will drop it in the mail for you. We are trying to get Decembers requests shipped out asap!

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