7 Smartest Ways to Cut Thanksgiving Calories

All holidays revolve around food, but this one takes the lead in calories! Most Americans will consume 3,000-4,000 calories just in one sitting at Thanksgiving.  Even if you eat healthy all week, that much caloric intake could really throw off your weekly totals, so I’m going to help you eat “better” for Thanksgiving!

  • Snack smart. A lot of people will try to not eat all day to save room for the big dinner. I think you should snack smart. Of course saving the calories is a good idea, but walking to the dinner starving is not a good option. Load up on water and healthy treats like veggies and fresh fruit.Try to avoid the salty, crunchy fried snacks that are loaded with fat and calories. 
  • Make careful choices about booze. We always preach, don’t drink the calories! With alcohol, the calories can really add up. Also you’re less likely to make healthy food choices when you’re tipsy. Maybe this year you avoid the wine all together?
  • Fill your plate once. When it’s time to sit down at dinner, evaluate the offerings, and make careful selections. Try not to grab foods out of habit or obligation. You’re not required to eat rolls, stuffing, or other traditional favorites simply because they are on the table. Pick the foods that you truly enjoy. Then, fill your plate once, and eat until you are satisfy. Don’t eat until you’re full, eat until you no longer have the feeling of hunger.
  • Become a gabber.  Start a conversation at the dinner table. When you talk more you slow down the eating process. The slower you eat, the more you’re able to feel the sensation of fullness that will help you curb overeating. So, gab away and stay chatty until the meal is complete. 
  • Save dessert for later. Give your meal a chance to settle and digest before you dive into pie or dessert. Give it a few hours, then re-evaluate your need for dessert. You may find that you are too full for sweets and choose to take it home for another day.

Source: Very Well Fit

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