Thanksgiving Tips + Brooke’s Weight Loss Success

On the Thanksgiving Special Edition of Weigh Less, Roy & Randy give you tips on how to enjoy the holidays without tacking on the extra inches at the waist, and we have listener Brooke from Texas give us her tremendous weight loss success! She has kept it slow and steady, and it has paid off big for her!

Listen to the latest podcast episode HERE.

How Roy's Weight Caused Issues After Surgery Weigh Less

Roy's nose surgery was a huge success, but there was some side effects due to his weight that get brought up in this weeks Weigh Less Podcast! 
  1. How Roy's Weight Caused Issues After Surgery
  2. Where Have They Been?
  3. Roy's Health Update + What Happens Next?
  4. Welcoming New Listeners And We Won An Award!
  5. "Move More, Eat Less" Doesn't Work?

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