NEW EPISODE: Restarting Your Diet Post-Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a week of delicious food and precious moments with your family. It’s now time to refocus on your health and well being. In this episode, we speak with Amy who is struggling to find motivation, but we try looking at her daily life to fine-tune the moments that lead to challenges in her diet which ultimately leaves her searching for that motivation.

Listen to the latest episode below or click here.

Where Have They Been? Weigh Less

Where in the world has Roy and Randy been? We find out about why the shows been "dark" and we hear about some good health progress from Roy. 
  1. Where Have They Been?
  2. Roy's Health Update + What Happens Next?
  3. Welcoming New Listeners And We Won An Award!
  4. "Move More, Eat Less" Doesn't Work?
  5. Roy's Puerto Rico Trip & Ashtons Weight Loss Success!

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