Fitness Myths That Need To Vanish

Newsflash: some of the most talked about fitness rules are false. 

Personal trainer Marcus Rice took to Instagram to set the record straight on six myths that need to get kicked to the curb. You’ll be thrilled too! 

  • “Eating carbs makes you fat”– It’s not what you eat but how many calories you put into your body. Put too many calories in and over time you’ll gain weight. Back when Roy Brown, host of the Weigh Less Podcast, lost 100 pounds, each meal consisted of 45% carbs! Your body uses carbs for fuel so lets not become overly concerned with them. Lets focus on what type of carbs they are, and how much you are consuming.
  • “Weightlifting makes you bulky and unattractive”– Lifting weights sheds body fat and makes you leaner.
  • “Tons of cardio is needed to get toned”– Cardio does burn calories but strength training is more effective. Mostly, if you’re wanting to be in a calorie deficit, look at your diet.
  • “Eating clean is all that matter for weight loss”– Healthy foods are better for you and make you feel fuller and more energized, but you still need to be mindful of calories.
  • You can’t enjoy your favorite food when dieting”– The rule of thumb is everything in moderation.
  • “You can spot reduce fat on your body”– Crunches won’t reduce your belly fat and squats won’t get rid of cellulite. The only way to reduce the fat is get rid of it overall. 

Source: Popsugar 

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