What Is Fitness Snacking?

Being physically active is important and getting a regular, solid workout is part of that. But we don’t always have time for a full sweat sesh – and let’s be honest, we’re not always motivated to do one either – and that’s where “fitness snacking” comes in. It’s a recent trend in exercise and sadly, there are no actual snacks involved, but it’s all about getting smaller bits of fitness in, instead of one big workout.

The idea of fitness snacking has been catching on more recently thanks to endorsements from high profile trainers, like Matt Roberts, the trainer behind the bodies of Naomi Campbell and Tom Ford. The workout pro explains that fitness snacking involves short periods of exercise throughout the day, rather than doing it all at once. “Keep a tally in your head,” he advises. “I’ve walked the dog, that’s two points. I went for a 20-minute walk at lunchtime, that’s another two points.”

The best thing about the technique is that it’s the perfect antidote to all the excuses we come up with about why we can’t workout, like that we don’t have time, we left home too late, or we’re too tired. Need a little fitness snacking inspiration? Try these fitness snack ideas:

  • Walk around the block during your coffee break
  • Bust out 20 push-ups, four to six times per day
  • Squeeze in 30 squats while you brush your teeth
  • Sprint up the stairs at home/work/while shopping
  • Power through 40 crunches before bed and when you wake up.

Source: Women’s Health

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