3/22/21 – Control Those Cravings!

Roy has been struggling with those cravings. How to control the urge to grab the junk food? Randy gives tips, and breaks it all down in a new episode!

2/22/21 – Get This, Not That

On this episode of Weigh Less, we go on a virtual shopping spree with you at the grocery store. Give you tips to stay in a calorie deficit through low calorie, high volume items. Also we hear about how Roy is currently struggling on his weight loss journey.

Episode 2/15/21 – Stuck not losing weight?

Firstly, I am terribly sorry in how long it took getting this podcast episode published on the website. The podcast did go live as intended on every podcast app, however our website failed to update! On this website we discuss why you may be doing everything right, yet still having a hard time losing weight!

New Episode: LauRen Talks Mommyhood Weight Loss

LauRen, host of the Maney, Roy & LauRen Morning Show on Kiss 95.1 joins us to talk about weight loss after giving birth. It’s tough for moms; You’re focused on taking care of the entire family when it’s important to focus on yourself.


We announce our first winner in our Fitbit Contest. Don’t worry, we have many more prizes to give out 🙂 Plus we talk about the ups and downs of weight loss. It truly is a rollercoaster ride.

How To Tackle Stress Eating

It’s been a rough first month into your new health journey. I say that broadly because it would be near impossible to expect a New Years diet to go off perfectly. If you’re a stress eater, you’re not alone. Roy has been experiencing his fair share. Take a listen below to the latest episode of…

Low Calorie Dinner Ideas + Free Fitbits!

On the latest episode, we discuss low calorie dinner options! We also hear from Linda in TN and Chris in AL who are dealing with some issues, but both Roy & Randy have first hand experience in dealing with!